Wing Chun Book Giveaway


2012 Wing Chun Online Book Giveaway

From now till the end of the year we are giving away 12 sets of books that’s 24 books total to represent 2012.

Thank you for visiting Wing Chun Online.

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by Sifu John Wahnish!

wing chun books

These are truly must have Martial Arts Books!

Learn the foundations of Wing Chun Kung Fu like never taught before!


Book 1: The Foundations of Wing Chun Kung Vol.1

Pages: 215 Size: 5.5 x 8.5 $24.95

Description: THE FIRST COMPREHENSIVE BOOK ON THE FOUNDATIONS OF WING CHUN KUNG FU. This book is an educational tool on the background structure and philosophy of this amazing art. Along with precise explanation and instruction, this book is loaded with detailed photos. All levels of Wing Chun practitioners and martial arts stylists will benefit from this material. Topics include Wing Chun history, theory, stances, sil lum tao form, punching, kicking, drills, and self defense.

Book 2: Applied Concepts of Wing Chun Kung Vol.2

Pages: 220 Size: 5.5 x 8.5 $24.95

Description: Volume two of this exciting series, utilizes the theoretical knowledge explained in the first volume and applies it in action. Packed with detailed instruction and great photos, this book reviews core Wing Chun applications. Topics include Wing Chun theory, deflection of straight attacks and punches, deflection of circular attacks and punches, defending kicks, leg checks, utilizing kicks, simultaneous defense and attack, and Wing Chun in action.


  1. white tiger Reply

    i like this…where can i find these books?

    • admin Reply

      on Amazon or

  2. admin Reply

    Congratulations Kurt H. you are our first book giveaway winner!

    We are doing a drawing every week so don’t worry everyone still has plenty of chances to win!

  3. Francois Michaud Reply

    Of all the martial arts I’ve practiced Wing Chun is the most efficient. I just love it, I eat, sleep and drink Wing Chun.

    Cheers to Wing chun Online.


  4. admin Reply

    This weeks book winners:
    Darryn M.
    Maria S.
    Eric. J

  5. mark thomas Reply

    Having been prctising kung fu for some 20 uears i find out of the styles i have practised nothing compares the wing chun

    Si-ing mark thomas
    Chi wai kung fu

  6. admin Reply

    Book Winners to date:
    Michael C.
    Steven B.
    Matthew H.
    Darryn M.
    Maria S.
    Eric J.
    Gary S.
    Edvin D.
    Kevin C.
    Rachael H.

    • Edvin Dimov Reply

      I recived the books!
      Didn’t had time to read yet, but I’m very happy I got them.

      Thank you very much!

      Edvin Dimov

  7. Noelle Reply

    Do I have to keep signing up, or is once enough?

    • admin Reply

      Only one and your entered in all drawings.

      • Noelle Reply

        Awesome! I hope I win!

  8. admin Reply

    Todays’ Book Winner is Bill D.

  9. Edvin Dimov Reply

    I recived the books!
    Didn’t had time to read yet, but I’m very happy I got them.

    Thank you very much!

    Edvin Dimov

  10. admin Reply

    Last Week Daily Give away Winners…
    Monday – Bill D.
    Tuesday – Jim H.
    Wednesday – Thomas K.
    Thursday – Brian W.
    Friday – Keith C.
    Saturday – Tyler S.
    Sunday – Bonus Thread Winner TBA later tonight!!!

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