What is Wing Chun Kung Fu


What is Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun is combat martial arts system, that is perfect art for the uncertainties of real self-defense and combat. This kung fu system is a scientific yet theoretically based martial arts form that relies on biomechanics, not brute force.

The specialty of a Wing Chun practitioner is close-range combat. Practitioners utilize well-coordinated angular deflections with simultaneous attacks. Practitioners of this system are agile yet powerful, delivering quick, close-range punches and kicks rather than locks and grabs.

This martial art is based on the concepts and principles of simplicity, economy of movement, and economy of energy. This art is a true internal and external system designed so you can learn the system in 3-5 years. It is a science in motion that is simple yet explosive.

Wing Chun is a truly beautiful combat martial art, which, like most martial arts, goes beyond fighting. There is a relationship between the art and an understanding of one’s life purpose. If you study this system, there is no doubt that you will become a good fighter. However, you will soon realize that, while it is easy to hurt someone, helping yourself and others might be the true challenge. Wing Chun can help you develop the tools necessary to take control of your life and to make the correct decisions for yourself.


Learning an this system can sometimes be similar to that of constructing a puzzle where you cannot see the picture on the front of the box. As you build the puzzle, the picture is still not completely clear (but you are learning more, piece by piece). With every addition to the puzzle, the answer becomes clearer, but it is not until the entire puzzle is complete that you are able to see the picture in its entirety. Every piece of the art is crucial. When you put all the pieces together, then you will have a complete art. Therefore, to be confused in the beginning is normal; you will not understand everything at first. However, with continued study and practice, it will all become clear.