Wing Chun Terminology


Bart Jarm Dao – Butterfly Swords. To find a real pair is a true challenge.

Bil Gee – Thrusting Fingers form.

Bil Jee Sao – Thrusting fingers. The hand technique of the Bil Jee form.

Bil Sao – Bridge seeking arm. Thrusting out central or center line.

Bong Gek – 45º  leg deflection, Bong Sao of the Leg.

Bong Sao – Elbow up 45º, wing arm position.

Buddhist Palm – Uses the “heel” of the hand, Applying in iron palm techniques.


Center Line – Line extending directly from the center of the body.

Center Punch – Vertical fist. Starting from the center.

Chi – Intrinsic energy which circulates throughout the body.

Chi Gerk – Chi sao of the legs.

Chin-Na – Locking, seizing, and controlling.

Chi Sao Exercise – Learning phase of sticky hands Wing Chun style.

Chum Kue – Searching for the Bridge.

Contact Reflex – Sense of touch to determine threat and respond automatically.


Dan Chi Sao – Single Sticky Hand exercise.

Dim Mak – Poison of Hand and/or Art of the Coveting Press.


Emotional Content – Expressing emotion and intention in your actions. NOT anger.


Fa Jing – Emission of energy.

Fook Gek – Sole in or foot dampening movement.

Fook Sao – Elbow in, palm down or 45º.

Fut Sao – Finger together, wrist angled in, forearm extends from center.


Gum or Gaun Sao – Downward checking hand.


Huen Sao – Circling “inside” movement.


Jut Sao – Up or down, or either side, snapping hand movement.

Jut Gek – Stamp down, to kick up.


Kan Sao – Two-hand hand position, Fut sao or Wu Sao and Tan Sao.

Kung Fu – Hard work and Skill.

Kwen – Fist fighting.

Kwoon – Chinese martial arts School.


Lan Sao – Bar arm position.

Lok Sao – Rolling and Switching (chi Sao).

Lop Sao – Like a grab, with no thumb, contact position.

Remember wing chun players don’t grab.



Mook Jong – Wooden Man form *108 original movements.



One Inch Palm – The ability to generate a large amount of power in a short space.

One Inch Punch – The ability to generate large amounts of force in a short distance.


Pak Sao – Not a Slap Deflection, but used to fill space directly from the central line.

Phoenix Eye Punch – Single, fore knuckle punch.


Qi Gong – Breath development, Literally hard work on your Qi.



Si Dei – Little brother in the art.

Si Gung – Your Kung Fu Grandfather.

Si Hing – Big brother in the art.

Si Je – Elder Kung Fu Sister.

Si Juk – Kung Fu Nephew. Student of your student or your Sidei’s Student.

Si Mui – Younger Kung Fu Sister.

Si Sook – Younger Kung Fu Brother of Sifu.

Sil Lum – Shaolin.

Sil Lum Tao – “Little Idea”, or “Way of the Shaolin”.

Simo – Kung Fu mother.



Tan Tien – Abdomen. “The Great Well”. 2/3″ Below Navel.

Tie Sao – Lifting arms up, long bridging technique.

Tut Sao – Freeing Arm.



Vision – elbows and knees.

Vision Reflex – Recognizing the threat visually and respond automatically.



Wing Chun – Beautiful Spring Time (most widely used generic term for the art).

Wu Sao – Protecting hand, if anything gets through your Wu Sao should be there. Elbow in, fingers at 12 o’clock (stationary) position.