Wing Chun Kung Fu from a Wheelchair

On our WCO Facebook Page we had several questions regarding Wing Chun, Martial Arts and Self Defense from a Wheelchair. This has been our most widely asked question as few questions were posted on the thread “Hello all Wing Chun Online fans… have a question about Wing Chun or Self Defense? Ask Sifu below…” and several people people private messaged me as well.

Here are some of the questions that were asked:

  • Is there a Martial Arts Form that can be practiced in a Wheelchair?
  • Hi, yes Sifu is there a form or forms in kung-fu for people that use wheelchairs, can master?
  • Can you learn Martial Arts or Self Defense from a Wheelchair?
  • Can you do Wing Chun from a Wheelchair?
  • Thank you to all for visiting Wing Chun Online and here is my two cents…


You can adjust the video quality to 1080p HD…